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For years, walking around our fair city, we have wished someone would open a good, old fashioned ice cream shop: “What this town needs is a good, old fashioned ice cream shop” we’d say to ourselves. Well, sometimes, if you want a thing done you really do have to do it yourself! In the fall of 2007 we began to develop a business plan. We both feel very strongly about the importance of community ties, the need to develop a local business that encourages those ties, and the role that fresh and locally produced food can play in that process. The Buy Fresh Buy Local movement represents the ideals that we embrace. We want to provide products made from local dairy and as much local produce as possible. As we searched for an ice cream product that met our standards we discovered (gulp!) we would have to make our own ice cream on premises. Can we do it? Yes, we can!! David enrolled in Penn State’s renowned Ice Cream school in State College, PA and graduated at the top of his class in January 2008

We immediately began the search for a location and found our ideal home at 25 North Prince Street across the street from the Fulton Opera House and the former Pennsylvania Academy of Music, now Millersville University. Our chosen location has undergone extensive renovations. We now have a modern kitchen designed for making ice cream and a large display area. There are ample seating areas inside and benches out front, with plenty of places to sit and talk with the neighbors or make new friends, enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream sundae with the family.

At any one time, we carry 30 flavors of rich, creamy ultra premium ice cream, sherbet and sorbet. This always includes a sugar free ice cream flavor. There are standard and seasonal flavors and some very unique special flavors like molasses, Cleo’s Addiction and Holy Mole that have been developed by Carmen and David. We offer cones, dishes, sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream sodas, floats and coolers, as well as our own special blend of coffee, prepared in a French Press. We proudly serve locally brewed Kutztown sodas, old fashioned flavors in bottles and on tap. In the summer we brew our own iced tea and Meadow Tea. When the weather turns cool we serve hot spiced cider. When it gets really cold, David turns out the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had – definitely for grown-ups! Hope you can stop in for a visit one day soon.